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Rolling Mill Rolls

Rolling mills rolls are the prime component of an rolling mill production line. The rolling mill rolls should be of heavy duty and can sustain various wear and tear that is generated in a metal rolling operation which are very common in cold rolling mills and hot rolling mills. ... Read details

Tube Mill Rolls Manufacturers

Manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty tube mill rolls in India, these tube mill rolls are used by various tube forming rolling mills in their ... Read details

Rolling mill Leveller roll Manufacturer

The company has most modern heat treatment facilities such as induction hardening which ensures right amount of hardness depth and toughness to ensure better life. leveler Rolls are tested for magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, die penetration testing etc. depending upon application. ... Read details

Cold Rolling Mill Roll Manufacturer India [DeeTee]

R.M.R division of DeeTee Industies Ltd. pioneers as a manufacturer and supplier of cold rolling mill rolls used in rolling mills for cold rolling process of ferrous material. We are manufacturer and exporter of Cold Rolling Mill Rolls, Backup Rolls, Sheet Mill Rolls, Coil Mill Rolls, Skin Pass Rolls, Aluminum Mill Rolls, Forged Steel Rolls, Stainless Steel Rolls and Work Rolls in India. ... Read details

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