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Rolling Mill Rolls

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Rolling mills rolls are the prime component of an rolling mill production line. The rolling mill rolls should be of heavy duty and can sustain various wear and tear that is generated in a metal rolling operation which are very common in cold rolling mills and hot rolling mills.

We are a leading manufacturer of vaarious types of rolls which are used in diversified types of rolling mills. The rolling mill rolls that we manuacture are of high quality and are quality tested for various parameter to provive a low maintenance and trouble free operation in a rolling mills.

following are the various types of rolling mill rolls that we manufacture, these rolls are used by various rolling mills and we have be regular suppliers of these rolls to rolling mills globally


  1.     Cold Rolling Mill Rolls
  2.     Tube Mill Rolls
  3.     Sendzimir Mill / CLuster Mill Rolls
  4.     Leveler Rolls
  5.     Backup Rolls
  6.     Work Rolls
  7.     Section Mill Rolls
  8.     Bar Mill Rolls
  9.     Forged Roller Shaft
  10.     Wire Rod Mill Rolls
  11.     Deflector Rolls
  12.     Indefinite chill rolls
  13.     Stainless Steel rolls
  14.     Coil Mill rolls
  15.     Skin Pass rolls
  16.     Sheet Mill rolls
  17.     Intermediate rolls
  18.     2 Hi Mill Rolls
  19.     4 Hi Mill Rolls
  20.     6 Hi Mill Rolls
  21.     20 Hi Mill Rolls


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