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Storage Solutions

Slotted Angles

We are the leading manufacturers of slotted angles in India. The slotted angle that we manufacture are utilized in building and fabricating various racks and ... Read details

Leading Slotted Angle Racks Manufacturers India

Giraffe bolted slotted angle racks is a versatile system best suited for storage of small components, bins, cartons having light loads level. Slotted angle racks are available with various option for a versatile racking ans shelving solution for all storage solutions. ... Read details

Rack Supported Warehouse Design & Manufacturers

Rack supported warehouse are the new generation warehouses which is achieving global acceptance for storage solutions as warehouse storage system. We are manufacturer of rack supported warehouse and having a vast experience in construction and implementation of rack supported warehouses for industrial storage solutions and storage solution for diversified applications ... Read details

Adjustable Pallet Racking Storage Solution

Pallet racks manufacturer for pallets racks used in adjustable pallet racking solutions. The adjustable pallet racks are featured for it flexibility in palletized racking solution .Adjustable pallet racking system provides perfect storage solution for heavy duty storage system used in warehouses and various industrial storage system for storage of various materials. ... Read details

Storage Metal Bins & Metal Boxes Manufacturer India

Wide range of storage metal bins and boxes are manufactured by us and marketed under the brand name of GIRRAFE. The storage bin and boxes manufactured by us are sturdy for rough handling of storage materials.Sturdy all welded double wall steel construction and fold able bins.Stackable metal storage bins are also manufactured which can be place on top of each other. ... Read details

Industrial Storage Racking Systems

Complete Storage Solution for racking and shelving of materials for industrial storage system provided by GIRAFFE. Supplier and manufacturer in India for industrial racks, industrial pallet racks, industrial warehouse racks, cantilever racks and racking solution for industrial storage system and turnkey projects for rack supported warehouse and mezzanines. ... Read details

Double Deep Pallet Racking System

To achieve high storage density GIRAFFE double deep pallet rack are implemented for improving storage density for situate with multiple pallets of the same stock keeping unit are stored. Ideal storage solution which have identical products for storage and are distributed in high volumes where the same SKUs are stored in groups of pallets prior to be shipped in a stock yard or warehouse of an industry ... Read details

Long Span Shelving

Design for fast access and maximizing minimal storage capacity, our Longspan Shelving Rack system is a versatile solution to a vast majority of businesses.Long span racking system is a perfect storage and racking solution for storage of light to medium heavy loads. long span racking system is similar to pallet racking. It comprises frames, beams with accessories and wooden or metal shelves. ... Read details

Drive In Racks Manufacturer

manufacturer of pallet racks used in Drive in pallet racks system which is also termed as drive thru racking system. Drive in rack is implemented for heavy duty storage system in warehouses and various industrial storage solutions.Drive In pallet racking system is the most popular form of high density pallet storage. Drive In racks serves best storage capacity in applications that has large quantity of pallets for each Stock keeping Unit ... Read details

Stackable Storage Racks Manufacturer For Modular Racking System

We provide modular racking system with stackable storage that are manufactured by us. Stackable racks for modular racking system are the prefect solution for situation when the storage is not fixed and keeps changing as per the need of the storage system. Stacking racks always provides more storage area and is also flexiblein term of adding extra stacks as and when needed for storage ... Read details

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