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Double Deep Pallet Racking System

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Double Deep Pallet Racks For Heavy Duty Storage Solution Double Deep Pallet Racks For Heavy Duty Storage Solution

To achieve high storage density GIRAFFE double deep pallet rack are implemented for improving storage density for situate with multiple pallets of the same stock keeping unit are stored. Ideal storage solution which have identical products for storage and are distributed in high volumes where the same SKUs are stored in groups of pallets prior to be shipped in a stock yard or warehouse of an industry

Double Deep Pallet Rack Systems increase productive use of floor space upto  70%. They offer low initial cost, good density and selectivity.With GIRAFFE Double Deep Palletized Racking Systems it places one row of 100% selective pallet rack behind another. Using a deep reach lift pallet truck, the operator places a pallet onto the deepest rack structure. Another pallet is then placed on the front rack unit, eliminating the need for an aisle between the two storage racks.

A double deep pallet racking storage solution offers businesses a space efficient alternative to convetional pallet racking storage system by reducing the number of access aisles required while increasing storage density.

The double deep racking sytem comprises of columns and beams with pallet for storage and shelving of products.Columns & Beams used to manufacturer and implementation of double deep racks are either Roll-formed or structural depending on the need and design.Double deep racks are perfect solution for heavy duty storage solution

Double Deep Rack Advantages 

  •     With use of double deep racks one can store up to twice as many pallet positions as standard selective pallet rack in the same amount of space
  •     Double Deep Racks for Double Deep Racking System are more economical as compared to other racking system for storage soluttions

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