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Water Hammer Control Valves

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Water Hammer Devices & Water Hammer Control Valves Water Hammer Devices & Water Hammer Control Valves

Water hammer is a surge of pressure resulting when flowing is forced to stop or change direction suddenly. Water hammer commonly occurs when a valve is closed suddenly at an end of a pipeline system.Any change of the water flow velocity in a pipeline causes pressure fluctuation (called "Water hammer" or "surge").

WATER HAMMER is the generation and effect of high pressure shock waves (transients) in relatively incompressible fluids. Water hammer is caused by the shock waves that are generated when a liquid is stopped abruptly in a pipe by an object such as a valve disc. Symptoms include noise, vibration and hammering pipe sounds which can result in flange breakage, equipment damage, ruptured piping and damage to pipe supports.

We are manufacturer of premium quality of water hammer control devices and water control valves used for controlling water hammer pressure. Main principle of operation of water hammer devices and valves aer that water column separation and rejoinder.water hammer devices like zero velocity valves & air cushion valves in pipelines that are placed in the pipeline carefully to ensure:

  •     Prevents leakages in the pipeline
  •     Regulate the oscillations of water columns
  •     use of these devices decreases the wear & tear and erosion of pipeline
  •     C value of the pipeline is maanaged
  •     Increase the life span of pipeline, valves & pumping machinery
  •     Enables the pipeline to face the vacuum & high pressure limits

    Designed to prevent “Water Hammer”.
    Designed to open at various differential pressure.
    Can be installed in any position.
    Spring-Assisted Center Guided Check Valves Standard.
    Pipeline Valves.
    Fire Test for Check Valves.
    Meets or exceeds MSS SP-61 leakage requirements.
    Available with soft seats for bubble-tight shutoff.
    Dual guided stem.
    Custom sizing available.
    Liquids, gas or steam.
    Maintenance and Installation guides available for all in-line check valves.

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