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Swing Gate Valves Manufacturer

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Swing Gate Valves Manufacturer

We manufacture swing gate valves that are designed for shut-off and coarse metering of free flowing bulk materials / powders especially when even a slight leakage of the conveying media to the environment is not acceptable.

Swing gate check valve  are smooth, which provides a unrestricted flow design and can deliver ample savings in pumping costs over other swing gate valves manufactured by other competetors in the market.Swing gate Valve are rugged in construction and full flow area is the most specified swing gate valve for municipal / industrial water and waste water management applications.


  • Swing Gate Valve comprises of metal to metal and  metal to rubber face sealing and  a tight shutoff across the Swing gate check valve.
  • A unique design casing with gas and dust tight housing and can sustain high pressure.
  • Baffle is provided at the top housing  with an inlet to guide the flow of material towards the centre.
  • Gate having beveled knife-edge at bottom to cut through standing columns.
  • The bottom housing is provided with tapering surfaces to enable material to slide towards the outlet and eliminate the possibility of material retention.
  • Lever operated swing gate valve with quick response.
  • The swing gate valve has an axle that is welded to the gate and the axle operates in a bearing box packed with o-rings
  • Leak proof wwing gate valve.
  • Purging holes provided on top housing enables remove material retention, if any, inside the valve.
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