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Circular Saw Blades

We are leading manufacturer of circular saw blades in india. we are also an exporter of circular saw blades that are marketed undet the estabilished brand name fof DeeTee, these circular saw blades and been widely accepted by our customers globally circular saw blades are most appreciated for its quality and performance in various industrial cutting solutions for cutting of various type of ferrous and non ferrous metals ... Read details

Shear Blades & Knives Manufacturers In India

The Shear Blades And knives are the prime cutting and slitting tools used for industrial cutting and slitting solutions. The shear blades and knives are made up of various alloy steels from various grades to produce high quality heavy duty shear Knives. ... Read details

Metal Slitting Cutters

Metal slitting cutter manufacturer with extra-sharp rotary cutter blades and knives , Since every metal slitting job is different there is an extensive array of metal slitting blade designs that we manufacture. The choice of metal slitting cutters which are manufactured by us can be a perffect metal slitting cutter knives for all your slitting operations for various metals with different hardness. ... Read details

Shear Knives Manufacturers In India

Shear knives are made in wide range of dimension to serve the purpose of shearing and cutting application. Shear knives manufactured by us can be used for single or multiple slitting. Male and female shear knives are supplied for performance matched to user requirements for highest cutting efficiency. Shear knives are the cutting tools that are made from varied materials from plain carbon steel to alloy steel to HSS to tungsten carbide. ... Read details

Friction Saw Blades Manufacturer India

Manufacturer and supplier for a wide range of friction saw blades and knives applicable as an industrial cutting tools and various cutting operation and obtaining high precision in sawing solution with the friction blades manufactured by us. Our friction saw knives and blades offer maximum cutting cycle for hard material and provide burr free cutting edge to the materials being cut. ... Read details

Heat Exchangers Manufacturers

Heat exchangers are unfired heat transfer equipment used in process plants. Heat exchangers are used for the transfer of heat or cold between two fluids for the purpose of heating the process, cooling the process, or condensing vapors during the process. Heat exchangers are measured in Square Feet. ... Read details

3d coordinate measuring machines

We manufacture Co-ordinate Measuring Machines to meet a wide range of measurement applications and is of international quality and norms.coordinate measuring machines are rugged and ... Read details

Slotting Machines

Manufacturer of heavy duty durable branded slotting machine which are suitable for various machining and slotting operations like machining of internal keyways in pulleys, gears ... Read details

Tooling Blocks

Tooling blocks, which are also referred to as fixture plates, grid blocks, or tombstones. The multipurpose holes (MTP holes) on both the grid style tooling ... Read details

Material Handling Cranes

We specializes in the sales and design of material handling crane used for various material handling solutions and systems. We also offer maintenance, service & inspections, as well as quick and easy delivery of all spare crane, conveyor, and hoist parts. ... Read details

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Featured Company

Sundaram Packaging India Pvt Ltd.

Sundaram Packaging India Pvt Ltd.

Sundaram Packaging India Pvt Ltd. (SPIPL) was incorporated in the year 2007 by our MD Mr Anil Agrawal. Our MD has an immense experience and knowledge in the business of woven sack industry. Sundaram Packaging India Pvt. Ltd (SPIPL) is one of the leading organization, engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of wide range of polypropylene packaging fabric . Our recyclable PP fabric are environment friendly and are available in different thickness and colors and sizes.