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Heat Exchangers Manufacturers

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Heat exchangers are unfired heat transfer equipment used in process plants. Heat exchangers are used for the transfer of heat or cold between two fluids for the purpose of heating the process, cooling the process, or condensing vapors during the process. Heat exchangers are measured in Square Feet.

We are a leading manufacturer of heat exchanger of the type plate heat exchangers . The heat exchangers manufactured by us are known for it by its compact design and high thermal efficiency. As a world market leader, we continuously push technology forward. We are leader in the development and production of quality heat exchangers with a large volume of heat transfer area for various applications

Plate heat exchangers All plate heat exchangers look very similar at first glance. But the difference and the secret of efficient heat transfer cannot be seen from the outside it is the wave pattern. Its performance depends on many factors, including size and number of plates. Altogether, these factors determine the size of the plate heat exchangers and the operating costs.

Brazed plate heat exchangers Effective heat transfer, easy to clean, verstile and environmentally efficient, The Brazed  plate heat exchangers consist of embossed stainless steel plates, fit into one another and vacuum brazed with copper or nickel to form a compact and pressure proof unit.
Semi-welded plate heat exchangers Easy to modify, inspect and clean, semi-welded plate heat exchangers handle most refrigerants on the welded side and are particularly suitable for ammonia duties. The flexible modular design copes with fatigue stresses and ice formation.
Finned tube heat exchangers manufacturers Perfect for heat recovery in corrosive operating environments and for handling aggressive, high-temperature fluids of all kinds, fully-welded plate heat exchangers are compact making it easy to be installed virtually anywhere.
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