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Slewing Ring Bearing Repair Service India

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Slewing Ring Bearing Repair Service India

Depending upon the level of repairs we as a manufacturer benefit with significant cost and lead time. Slewing ring bearing repair services offered by us for large slewing ring bearings always presents an option worthy of evaluation due to its repair cost and lead-time benefits over new slewing ring bearings.We undertake On site Large slewing ring repair projects with performance guarantee.

While repairing large slewing ring bearing the case depth of the hardened layer is of critical importance of the job work.
In repair operations requiring regrinding of the raceway we take all care and precautions to make sure that enough hardened case remains to support anticipated ball / roller loads in service in a large slewing ring bearing

We pay particular attention to determining the integrity of the raceway, namely the hardened case depth, surface hardness and any evidence of cracking. An advanced ultrasonic backscattering instrument is used to determine the hardened case depth.

Some of the repairing work of slewing ring bearing that we have done are as follows

1. Slewing Ring Bearing of 2800 MM diameter and repairing of damaged races with replacement of rolling element, nylon spaces & neoprene seal of the large slewing ring bearing. This was done for  NFL VIJAYPUR , IFFCO AONLA ,KRIBHCO HAZIRA UNITS.

2. Large slewing ring bearing 8 Tons Slewing ring bearing assembly of 3.2 mtrs Diameter,Slewing ring bearing repair was done for a pedestal crane mounted on a ship. The slewing ring bearing was badly damaged and was only observed after dismantaling the slewing ring bearing

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