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copper braid assemblies

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We are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of copper braid assemblies. our high end production facility manufactures various types of copper braids likes round copper braids, twisted round copper braids, flat copper braids.

Round Copper Braids  : One of the most common rope like stranded / twisted copper braids, stranded copper flexibles that are widely used in welding and power equipment for electrical components such as switches and thyristors as well as to conduct welding current. copper Round braids are much more flexible Unlike single wound braids, the strands of round braid do not separate when cut.

Round Twisted Copper Braid : The strands are wound in one direction  only; the flexibility of the braid is determined by the winding pitch. Production costs are lower and the product is equally flexible in every direction. Does not accept excessive torsion in the direction of the strand windings. Torsion in the opposite direction will cause a widening of the braid as the strands begin to separate. Strands may separate when bent or cut.

Flat Copper Braids : These are quite thich with respect to its length, string sections can be made by using only one braid. The Cross sectional area of the flat copper braid can be increased by  sandwitching a tubular braid inside another. Flat copper braid unlinke round copper braid has less lateral flexibility.

Tinned Copper Flat Braid Series : Tinned copper and tinned flat braid is an exceptional, low resistance way to create a point-to-point ground strap. In retrofit applications, tinned and tiined copper flat braid is an ideal way to implement additional shielding for the cable.


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