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EDTA Chelated Zinc fertilizer

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EDTA Chelated Zinc fertilizer

We are one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Chelated Zinc Fertilizers in Inda. Chelated Zinc is a free flowing crystalline/ powder. Our Chelated Zinc is used in number of applications and is highly appreciated in many chemical fertilizer industries.

EDTA Chelated Zinc fertilizer is one of the the best suited edta feltilizers for crops. chelated fertilizers  can improve micro nutrient use efficiency and make micro nutrient fertilization more cost effective.It is one of the most powerfull micro nutrients for soil which is used for as fertilizers for various crops. EDTA Chelated Zinc manufactured by us is oe of the most powerful nutrient elements, with Ethylene Diamine Acetic Acid(EDTA) ensures optimal utilization of Zinc for better growth and sustainable higher productivity of agricultural and plantation crops. EDTA based Chelated Zinc is so integrated in the purest form as to provide the plants not only physiological stimuli to overcome enviornmental streasses, but also activates relevant enzymes to produce more of the harvestable units per area in per unit of time. 

EDTA Chelated Zinc (EDTA-Zn-15)
EDTA Chelated Zinc (EDTA-Zn-15)

Chemical Name Ethylene Diamine Acetic Acid, zinc-disodium complex;
Molecular formula: C10H12N2O8ZnNa2
Molecular weight:  399.6

APPLICATIONS :  In agriculture and horticulture as foliar feed , in soil or hydroponics applications.

A stable water-soluble metal chelate.
Solubility in water:approx.1000 g/L (20OC)
Bulk density:approx.800~1000 kg/m3(untapped)

PACKAGING  EDTA Chelated Zinc fertilizer is available in 25 kg air tight pakaging of PE bags.

Appearance :      Free flowing crystalline / powder

We are one of the leading government suppliers for EDTA Chelated Zinc fertilizer

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